South Valley Community Alliance
Cottonwood trees in the Bosque

Defending the sacred.

South Valley Community Alliance is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, protecting, and preserving the environmental and cultural resources of Albuquerque's South Valley.

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Happening Now

South Valley Bosque open space
Where Condos Don't Belong

Learn how a 27-unit condominium complex would destroy the semi-rural Vecinos del Bosque neighborhood. Plus, receive an important update on the status of our judicial appeal to District Court.

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South Valley Bosque open space
What People Are Saying

Concerned community members are speaking out against a 27-unit condominium complex proposed to be built on agriculturally-zoned land adjacent to Rio Grande Valley State Park.

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Preserving South Valley farmland
Preserving South Valley community

Learn about the steps we've taken to prevent a developer from building a 27-unit condominium complex on agriculturally-zoned land in the South Valley.

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