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A company called Rio Grande Huerta LLC has initiated a process to build an exclusive, private community called "Cohousing ABQ" with unaffordable condo-style housing in the heart of Albuquerque's South Valley.

Why is this a problem?

  Environmental Impact

Rio Grande Huerta LLC intends to build 27 condominiums on 3.8 acres of land directly adjacent to Rio Grande Valley State Park that is currently zoned as an A-1 Rural Agricultural Zone. Building Cohousing ABQ would significantly compromise this natural open space of cultural and environmental significance. The new multi-story housing complex could obscure our view of the Sandia and Manzano Mountain ranges.


Rio Grande Huerta LLC has indicated that prices for the homes will range up to $700,000 for a family-style condominium. In addition, Rio Grande Huerta LLC plans to create a homeowner’s association (HOA) which would burden the residents of Cohousing ABQ with monthly association fees. We need more affordable housing in our community, not homes that are financially out of reach for most.

  Higher Property Taxes

New development in the South Valley can result in higher property taxes for all of us. With higher property taxes come higher mortgage payments. If Rio Grande Huerta LLC is allowed to develop and property taxes are raised accordingly, long-time South Valley families could be priced out of their homes.


The new residents of Cohousing ABQ would bring many new cars with them. That would add to the congestion of busy streets like Sunset, Central, Bridge, and Gonzales. In addition, the multi-year project would bring construction traffic at the same time the Bridge Corridor Redevelopment Plan begins.

  Community Opposition

This is a deeply unpopular proposal. The vast majority of residents living in the Vecinos del Bosque neighborhood don’t want to see this land developed. The Vecinos del Bosque Neighborhood Association board voted 10 to 3 to oppose the proposed Cohousing ABQ development.

Appeal to the New Mexico Supreme Court

South Valley Community Alliance appealed the District Court’s decision to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

Appeal to the New Mexico Court of Appeals

South Valley Community Alliance appealed the District Court’s decision to the New Mexico Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals ultimately declined to review the District Court’s decision.

Appeal to District Court

South Valley Community Alliance appealed the Bernalillo County Commission’s decision to District Court. The District Court judge ultimately ruled against our appeal.

Timeline of events

Public records

South Valley Community Alliance has obtained numerous records related to this project by filing New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) requests. These records are in the public domain and can be shared freely.


Vecinos del Bosque residents appealed the Bernalillo County Planning Commission’s (CPC) approval of Rio Grande Huerta LLC’s special use permit application for Cohousing ABQ. The hearing for these appeals was held on April 9, 2019. The Bernalillo County Commission voted 4-1 to deny all three appeals.

Claim of Violations of Open Meetings Act

Code of Conduct complaint

CPC hearing on February 6, 2019

The Bernalillo County Planning Commission (CPC) voted 4-2 to approve Rio Grande Huerta LLC’s special use permit application (CSU2019-0001). Chairman Joe Chavez and CPC member Johnny Pena voted against the proposal.

Application and site plan

Rio Grande Huerta LLC submitted two versions of its special use permit application and site plan to Bernalillo County.

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